Reinvent the work process through Gamification



If you will ask people, what time of life they treasure the most?

The majority of them will answer childhood days. No doubt childhood days were the best days. Lots of friends as a good company to talk, share problems, and a number of games to play every evening.  What if you get a chance to relive those days without actually going back in time? What if you can get good people around you to talk, share your problems and play games to learn to become a better professional? Now, this is possible.

Gamify the old techniques of doing the regular job and see the change in the workplace. Give a break to boring and time slogging training sessions by GAMES.

But why Games? How will gaming help corporates?

How and why? Lots of if’s and but’s will arise at the first time when someone will hear the word Gamification.

Here is the answer which will pacify all the doubts and questions.

When we play a game, we follow some set procedures, engage our senses and focus our mind on playing the game. After every game, whether we win or we lose, we learn something new and take that learning to correct and improve ourselves, which helps us forming new strategies to play the game better than before. After playing any game, we feel fresh and energized. Imagine, what if the big lessons usually taught in classroom sessions become a game? The training will become interesting and exciting.

Gamification is all about incorporating game elements for non-gaming activities such as induction, marketing, team building, employee engagement, etc. When gaming elements are incorporated at the professional working set up, results are always awesome.

Whether they are day-to-day problems arising within a company or planning a new strategy to induce a cohesive and healthy working environment, anything and everything can be implemented by using gaming techniques.

The first day at work place in a new company as a fresher or even as an experienced professional is always full of anxiety, nervousness, and stress. What if on a very first day the newcomers are asked to play a game? A game as part of their induction program? It will not only help in easing the pressure on the newcomer but will also be an ice breaker for a fresher to adjust in the new environment. As an employer, one can always draw various analysis based on the gamification data of the performance of each of the newcomer before making major decisions.

When it comes to corporates, the games are designed with a purpose. While designing a game it’s not only focused on the work aspects but also human aspects. If the game lacks fun elements than it will be nothing more than a classroom session. Therefore, it is very important to understand human behavior and expectations.  The more interesting a game is, the more it has the capacity to engage a player. An engaged player will be more focused while playing this game and this will make learning easy and interesting. The player will be able to absorb and retain more through such games than the classroom sessions. The learning will be practical and for life time. One best part of gamification is, it is time-saving. Big lectures and days of training can be converted into a number of games and fulfilled activities, this will not only help in saving the training time but also to draw analysis and conclusions parallelly as the game rolls ahead.

A company can’t run on its own. It needs good people with the cohesive working environment to keep its employees motivated to perform better day by day.

The happy working force can help a company in achieving outstanding results and this can be achieved by bringing ‘THE CHANGE’. The change in old ways of doing the same things over the years together. Bring that energy, that excitement, that fun filled amusing learning experience at every stage and in varied fields across all the multi-levels and laterals. And this is possible, only by GAMIFICATION.


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