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“Its play that helps us do serious things better”

Often at the workplace, we get overwhelmed by targets, deadlines etc. We become a part of the ‘rat race’ as they call it, to constantly prove ourselves, our worth and importance, to satiate our egos. Appraisals further build up the pressures and the results are either deflating or otherwise. In a typical corporate setup, the work becomes monotonous after a certain period of time and the overall environment doesn’t continue to be as exciting and thrilling as it seemed on the first day of joining.

In such an environment, there is a need to have a magical treatment that can help boost the morales of the employees.  After all, the main cause of increased attrition rates and lower productivity, is having ‘stressed-out employees’ rather than ‘happy employees’.

So here comes the big question: “How can we keep our employees motivated?”

And the answer is: “Get them to play”!

As says the quote “If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play! “

Sounds pretty simple, isn’t it?

So what does play do? Play boosts our adrenaline levels and instills child-like excitement in a fun filled environment.

Why play when we can go for team lunches etc?

Well, Team lunches are not as exciting! The focus is typically on food. At the end, there is hardly any beneficial impact on the employees. You go out, you eat, and you return…much in the same state!

What happens when playing?

1.      Create everlasting bonds. A good connection between workers creates a healthy work place. And has been rightly said “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

2.      Recharge your battery. That is the beauty of games; they are engaging and fill you with excitement, thus rejuvenating you.

3.      Create lasting impressions. With wonderful memories, of having done something thrilling, play is never forgotten soon.


When playing is so constructive, why shouldn’t we use it in our regular processes to yield fruitful results and for increased engagement and productivity?

Here’s the good news: The power packed master wand ‘PLAY’ is now being increasingly used in serious problem solving in almost every domain, be it science, politics, education and many more…The most complex fields are using games to reach out to solutions.

As Albert Einstein has said “Play is the highest form of research”!

The biggest challenge of the Millenial generation has become to make most of their processes engaging and motivating by instilling game elements and eliminating boredom from the regular processes. The term coined for this is called ‘Gamification’.

Gamification instills meaningfulness into processes along with ownership and craze to execute with passion! Yes..You heard it right – PASSION. This is the power of play!

So have you started gamifying your processes? It’s time to think about it! Cheers!



Akanksha Lohani

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