The latest buzzword we hear a lot these days in business world is ‘Gamification”! So, is it one of those many concepts we have seen, which comes and goes or is it something which would prove to be the game changer in corporate world? Having previously looked at the social gaming and the opportunities it has presented in past few years, it is believed by business scholars that Gamification is powerful design principle that has the potential to change the ways businesses engage with employees and customers.

Gamification takes the essence of games – fun, play and passion- and applies it to real world, non-game situations. While Gamification is not a new concept, new dynamics are unfolding that may cause more businesses, educators, and social event organizers to consider game-like elements into future endeavours. In addition to this as more millennial entering into learning & Development and corporate processes, using smart phones and playing mobile games has been accepted significantly. This acceptance has opened to the doors to applying game elements to everything from back-office tasks and trainings to sales managements, career counselling and fund raising activities.

One of the most important and significant outcome of gamifaying business process is engagement – getting stakeholders actively & passionately involved with your organization. Gamification can also enhance transparency and compliance, since games almost always operate within well defined set of rules. Inline with desired behaviour, it can help/guide awareness and adoption of standard policies and procedure, without operators conscious efforts.
So in nutshell, Organizations that embrace the trend have the opportunity to gain loyal customers, dedicated and engaged employees and can find competitive edge in recruitment, retention, talent development and business performances.

To give you some examples on gamified processes; The idea of fun filled gamified induction process, in which the new joinees are running around, exploring premises and talking to colleagues make them feel more connected with their new firm ever than the classroom sessions in which a trainer/HR would explain them about company they have joined. Or a scavenger hunt would make the team bond more than a lecture over team building. Even gamified annual meets or team activities would give more memories to cherish in future and bring the team closer.

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