Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for ideas on how to add zing to your next team building event? Bored of the same old bowling, team lunches/dinners and trust falls/leap of faiths which are forgotten too soon? Then you have reached the right place!
We excel at creating crazy exciting team events which leave a lasting impression and leave you with a fuzzy feeling and hundreds of photographic memories!
We know you want to know more, here are a few FAQs!

I am looking for a team builing activity for my team/my company. Any ideas?

You have reached the right place! We specialize in creating super crazy but fun scavenger hunts for corporate team building. Our hunts can range from paper based ancient treasure hunts to cross country amazing race type events.

This year I don't have a big budget. Can you help me design something that fits in my small budget?

Absolutely! We create each game based on the client needs. In fact budget would be one of the first questions we ask you before we propose a solution to you. We can even come to your office and create a mystery room in your conference hall that’s what you want!

I have a very small team. Would you be able to work out a solution for them?

Sure. Our games work best with 15 or more participants. So if you have a team anywhere between 15-1500, give us a call and we will take it ahead from there.

I have to take my team out on a very short notice. How quickly can you arrange an outing for us?

Real quick! Our conspirators need to survey the location once before we design the hunts clues. So if you have a location in mind, we will be able to to deliver in as little as two days!

I am wondering if your venues are close-by places or distant ones?

This again depends entirely on you. We can custom create a hunt in any location/resort/city/location that works for you. Just to give you an example, we have suvccefully run a skytrain scavenger hunt in the city of Bangkok for an organization. On the other hand we have also craeted a Christams tresure hunt within an office building in Mumbai!

All this sounds very excited. But wait, have you done this before?

We are glad you asked! We have run scavenger hunts and experiential trainings in 6 countries (India, Thailand, US, Russia, China, Netherlands) and more than 6000 people have played with us. We have worked with professionals from companies like Ericsson, PepsiCo, SHRM, Raahgiri, J&J to name a few!

Does Khojees® only conduct Scavenger hunts?

Not at all! We do a lot of work in Experiential Learning, Gamification etc. around the world. Our signature products are FunDuction ™ (Gamified Induction) has been very successful among millennials. We can also convert any of your boring classroom modules into exciting blended learning opportunities. Check out our home page for more details here.
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