Pay What You Can

Virtual Learning & Virtual Engagement.

Your Rules. Your Way.

And Pay What You Can!

We understand that training has taken a backseat as we all scramble to make sense of the new WFH reality in the wake of Covid-19.

But learning has never been more important than it is today.

To support the learning community during these difficult times, we’re offering Pay-What-You-Can option to our existing and new clients.

Yes, even if your learning budget is ₹ Zero!

Here’s how you can make the most of it:


Let’s Talk

Call us on +91 83685 89510 or write to us on to discuss your learning objectives. We are strictly anti-SPAM and will never send you unsolicited emails. 


We Get Creative 

We create a fun and engaging learning game to achieve your program objectives which can be played on Khojees® mobile app.

We can work with most of your training program content like Compliance, Induction, Ethics, Product Knowledge etc. 


Training Roll Out! 

You help your employees stay engaged and continue learning from their own locations. We provide you a detailed report of attendance and participant performance. 


Pay What You Can

We know our partners don’t have new training budgets as the Covid-19 situation has caught everyone off guard. To ease off the pressure, we’re offering our partners to pay what their budgets allow till Dec 2020.

Yes, even if your budget is ₹ Zero.  

Gamified Virtual Learning by Khojees®


Just WhatsApp on +91 84079 38659 or call us on +91 83685 89510 and we’ll help you figure it out!