Gamify Team Building

A great team acts as a foundation stone for a successful organization and therefore every organization strives to form a great team. A great team can be formed only when the individuals with similar interests, attitude and likings work together for a common goal. In a team, each member’s contribution counts and holds its own importance and for this constant motivation, enthusiasm, and dedication are required at an individual level. Therefore, in a corporate, it’s an everyday challenge to maintain a good team spirit consistently over a period of time.

We all come from a different walk of life and we all carry different attitude, perceptions, and ego and to streamline these three factors is quite challenging in order to bring the cohesiveness in a team. Therefore, in the corporates, various training sessions on team building are conducted on regular basis to improve team spirit and team performance.

The best lessons on team building can always be taught through the activities designed for teams. Nowadays new training methodologies are being used by corporates. One such new training methodology is Gamification.

Gamification converts classroom training modules into games to provide experiential learning. Like any game, corporate training games also have a purpose to play, set rules, points, levels and time limit.

Imagine if you want to conduct a training session on team building in your company, how will you make it interesting, engrossing, and enjoyable? The answer is – Gamify Training Program.  Through gamification, a company can gamify the team building training sessions in following ways:

  1. a) Group activities: Group activities help people to form a team, interact with each other, share the ideas, plan out the strategies to complete a task and win the game. Through this, the trainees learn the importance of cohesiveness and cooperation in a team.
  2. b) Personality and competency: A game can be designed to understand the personality of each trainee to learn behavioural pattern, ego level, attitude, motivation level, and approach towards the work before designing a team. This will also help the senior management team to counsel the trainees who require molding their attitude in order to work as a perfect team member.
  3. c) Streamlining the individual goals with the company’s goal: This is essential and can be gamified by generating the curiosity in each player to explore and make certain discoveries by finding answers to the questions by themselves to learn about what company’s vision, mission, expectations, and targets are. This can also help the trainees to understand the gaps (if any) to break the status quo and learn some new courses based on technical or management studies for self-improvement.

Based on the training requirements this can be further divided into small sections before designing a game. Gamification brings fun and excitement in training. It increases the involvement and participation levels of the trainees, generate curiosity to find the answers to cross the various levels of a game, and the scoreboard that displays the individual scores give public recognition. After all who does not want public recognition and appreciation? It also motivates the individual, makes learning easy and training de-stressing as well as time efficient, also by scorecards a trainer learns the effectiveness of the training and the learning curve. So, what are you waiting for? Bring the change and gamify your training modules.

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