Have you Gamified Induction?

Saurabh and Kartik studied together while doing engineering and got placed in different MNCs but in the same city Pune. Saurabh joined his company a month prior to Kartik. The induction process of Saurabh was a usual one but little mismanaged. The day he reached Pune he came to know that there are 7 offices operating in different parts of the city. He was confused as to in which office he has to report, as the email that he had received from the company had not mentioned the office address. So, he chose to report in Magarpatta IT park office. On contacting the front desk manager at the reception he came to know that they have not received any information about his joining and employment details.  He was then directed to the Bund garden office only to meet the same fate. Disappointed, he came back to his flat to retire for the day. Next day again with the same vigor, he went to Hinjewadi IT park office, where again he was told that no information available with the HR department about his joining. Utterly perplexed, he dropped an email to the company’s head office in Mumbai to address the issue. After a week’s struggle, he came to know that he has to report in Hinjewadi office.

His daily schedule was to report in the office to mark his presence and spending his entire day in a room along with 30 new employees/freshers of his age.  The only exciting thing was the canteen where he used to have breakfast and lunch, with no interaction between the old employees of the company and the freshers. After spending a month like this, finally, Saurabh got absorbed in a project as a program tester.

Meanwhile, Kartik had also joined his new company and had spent 15 days in the company. On one weekend, they both decide to meet for dinner. Saurabh was very upset about the problems faced by him in his new job in initial days. He told Kartik about his experience in the company and all the time and money he wasted in a big city like Pune just to find the right office to report. After listening to all his problems and struggle, Kartik took a sigh of relief, and said, “Saurabh it’s really hard to believe what you told me because my experience is completely different from yours.”

“How’s that possible? After all, all the companies are same. Nobody pays a heed to a fresher. Everyone has to sit on the bench before being allotted to a project.”, Saurabh said.

“No dear, if I will tell you about my experience you will be surprised to know that my induction was all fun and exciting. Actually, it was as easy as playing a mobile game.”

“What? What are you saying? Induction through a mobile game? Now, my friend, you are lying.”, Saurabh said.

“No, it’s true. A day prior to my joining date I received an email stating the office address and name of the person to whom I had to report. When I reached the office, I was directed to a room which was full of freshers like me. After waiting for some time, Mr. Manish Sharma, our HR Manager came. He introduced himself and asked us to download an app to our mobile and complete the registration formalities on that.”, Kartik said.

Kartik quickly opened his mobile to show that gaming app to Saurabh.

“After completing the registration, we were given a unique game ID and password. There were four levels and different missions with questions related to company’s history, mission, vision, core values, major projects and achievements, group activities etc. It also had a treasure hunt and in the end taking a selfie with the VP of the company. Through treasure hunt, we all explored the company’s premises and got a chance to interact with various senior managers to solve the queries and move ahead to get next clue. In a group activity, we formed a team of ten members and played few outdoor games like tug of war, forming a pyramid, etc. In the end, top ten performers got a chance to meet the Vice President of the company and take a selfie with him. Next day when we went to the office we were given our score cards wherein one girl from Chennai had scored the highest. We all hardly spent a week on the bench before allotment of the project. I felt happy and comfortable among my new teammates because they were the same people with whom I met during induction and spent one week on the bench.  Also, while playing treasure hunt I interacted with one senior manager who is now my team leader. I feel comfortable in discussing problems and queries related to my job with him. No doubt I have a company of good people to work with and that’s why am liking my new job.”, Kartik said.

“That sounds wonderful Kartik. I am sure it must have been a very exciting experience for you. An induction program via a mobile game, a break through concept that I never heard before. Although my induction experience was entirely different from yours and knowing the initial struggle is everywhere, if someone uses technology for doing day-to-day activities for experiential learning it will definitely help freshers like us to a great extent. You know, in my company we have ‘KSP- Knowledge Sharing Platform’ where we are encouraged to share new ideas and technical updates. I will definitely share this gamified induction program there in my next blog. Who knows if our company also give us a chance to have this social learning experience through mobile game in future?”, Saurabh Said.



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