Try gamification for a memorable social learning experience

From ages, games have played an important role in human lives right from entertainment to physical and mental development. In many theories, it has been stated that ‘all animals have competitive instinct including primates’ therefore when we play, we compete with other players and also with ourselves to do better in future. Whenever we win and get a reward, our brains release dopamine a ‘neurotransmitter’ to generate the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. In case we do not win, we learn from our mistakes and become more passionate to play better next time. That is why games motivate us to keep improving ourselves.

We belong to a generation where we have played outdoor, indoor and video games in our childhood. From last few decades, video games are popular among all age groups. The audio-visual effects of the video game are always interesting and engaging. Today market is flooded with mobile games, PSP, Wii, Nintendo, and Xbox.

Corporate Gamification uses some of these techniques and technology to convert these boring non-gaming scenarios to fun learning experiences.

Gamification is gearing up nowadays by giving a break to traditional practices of corporates. Anything and everything can be gamified right from training programs, marketing strategies, customer and employee engagement programs to CSR activities.

It’s a big challenge in any training program to retain the attentiveness, focus and motivational level of the trainees. Gamification infuses high energy, healthy competition, and excitement by incorporating fun elements to make training interesting and memorable. It kills the monotony of classroom training, reduces stress and saves time. But how it is done?

Applied gamification in the corporate setting is a mix of ‘psychology and technology’ to get a better result at the new workplace. gamify any training program. In this, all gaming elements like rules, purpose, animation, audio-video elements, multi-level stages, badges, leaderboards, scorecards, and rewards are included to give a feel of playing any normal digital game. The best feature of gamification is that players strive to perform well throughout the game. This boost employee morale because games by definition make us a better version of ourselves. It also encourages social learning when players compete and collaborate to win a game.

The gamified training program can be rolled out for thousands of trainees across multiple locations on the same day which is so much more than a regular classroom training can ever achieve.

All kinds of corporate training programs can be gamified to make learning easy and exciting. For example, in case of product training program, all the features, advantages, risk factors, target audience, and customer queries can be converted into a multi-level game. With the help of animation/video clip, product’s features can be showcased to serve the purpose of study material and based on this various format of questionnaires can be created. The correct answers will take the players at next level. Apart from this, some physical activities like scavenger hunts can be organized at a workplace to collect more information about the product to make training interesting and enjoyable. Teams can compete for blockbuster rewards or even bragging rights. This social recognition will motivate employees and help in building their self-esteem and confidence. The collective energies, positivity, and competitiveness will help companies achieve their targets and at the same time contribute to employee development. This type of applied gamification brings about behavioral changes and help employees better every day.

So, what are you waiting for? Think different and implement creative ways to refresh your existing training modules. Motivate and engage the people in your organization through gamified learning and also drive the bottom line.

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