Gamification is like the smell of fresh hot coffee


If you ask any HR professional, what is the scariest part of their job as an HR? The first answer would be recruitment and employee retention. The industry has evolved a lot from WW-II, initially, recruitment consultants used to hire labourers for their employers, but today professional HR leaders believe in giving the best experience to enhance the talents of the employees. The recruitment practices of both the eras share one common aspect, that is, to find the right person for the right job.
The opportunities wait for those who have the right skills and attitude because the market is always talent driven. The researches have always proved that retaining an existing talent is cheaper than getting a new hire as the cost involved in the recruitment process is too high.

But how to find the right match for the job profile?

The suggestions will be, to work on HR policies, organize engagement activities, restructure compensation & benefit plans, etc. But will this really work in long term? Today, companies are already practicing best of the policies and have plenty of engagement plans. They are also offering remunerations as per the industry standards. Even after having all these aspects in place the strategies are not working as per the plan? Why?

What is really lacking?

The answer is the communication gap. Many a time, employees feel that they are not in sync with their companies’ goals and visions. This gives rise to lack of comfort and belonging towards the workplace. This is the major reason behind increase in attrition rate.So, what can be done to address these issues?
The answer is ‘Gamification’.
Gamification has emerged as the fresh smell of hot coffee in the dull atmosphere of traditional communication channels in the industry. Whether it’s the Induction process, Learning and Development process or its Team Building program. Gamify the traditional ways of Induction & training programs, team building techniques, CSR activities and bring socialising atmosphere at work place by organising interactive activities to help the employees to break the ice and explore the workplace. Games have played a crucial role in making the HR processes more interactive and amusing. This new trend has worked for HR leaders to make the communication easy and make jobs exciting for employees. Gamified inductions and on-boarding processes could make the new talents feel competitive, motivated and welcomed so that the companies will have well informed and motivated work force. This will help the companies to reduce attrition and hence the cost.
Gamification has been accepted as new means of practicing traditional policies. HR leaders across the world are welcoming more interactive and gamified ways for induction, on-boarding processes, learning and development, team building activities, annual meetings, sales meetings and etc. as they are very happy with the kind of results they are getting.

So, what are you waiting for?

Gamify the old procedures with Khojees and bring fun elements at work place.


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