Here’s why Gamification ≠ Just a Game

“So you are into Gaming right?” If I had a Rupee for every time someone has asked me this, I would retire already.

Well, we get this a lot, when we introduce Gamification to friends and associates. After all games are games and work is after all work, right? Well, turns out its not quite that straightforward.

In the words of great philosopher Mary Poppins : “In every job there is to be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap! The job’s a game.


If you look closely, she gave the definition of Modern Gamification decades before the term Gamification was even coined! But she wasn’t the only one who understood the seriousness of Gamification in real life. Here are just a couple of places where Gamification has been applied to real life problems with astounding results:

  • Puzzle Game Foldit : You think AIDS is real life and video games is virtual world? BOOM! University of Washington’s Centre for Game Science (Cool, eh!) brought them together and made an epic game called FoldIt. Result: A solution to the structure of a protein was found in 10 days, which was a groundbreaking achievement in the field of AIDS research. A feat which had challenged researchers for more than 15 years was achieved by 240,000 serious gamers who went crazy competing against each other to fold the said protein with highest efficiency.

  • O Power : A super example of how gamification can actually change behaviour. Just gamifying energy consumption and showing neighbours data to consumers turned them into players who worked hard in real life to be able to gain points and save money…and shall I say save the planet in the long run?

So next time someone asks what Gamification is, you will know better!

One thought on “Here’s why Gamification ≠ Just a Game”

  1. And it indeed is very vague line between gamification and gamified learning The whole idea about gamification and gamified learning is quite new to us adults, but the future generations get familiar with both concepts at school already. I think you should also be talking about story-based learning, which is an important part of the game that s less talked about.


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