10 Ideas for a Team Building Event

Teambuilding programs are meant to give a boost to the existing mundane life without forgetting the organization’s goals. Their effectiveness however depends on the designing and facilitating of the programme. If an organization wants their employees to be focussed, motivated, then one has to give importance to the design and facilitation.
Organizing a “teambuilding event” is a big responsibility. Some of these ideas might help you in making it memorable.
1. Setting the tone of the event is very important
You need to really set the tone exciting enough for engaging the participants. The reason you are doing a Team building activity is to get the trainees out of their routine and engage them to do something exciting. If the Tone is not exciting enough, the trainees will not feel like participating in the event.
2. Spread the word
Use all kinds of communication like internal memos, social media (If the employees use it), Posters to arouse curiosity about the event. You may encourage them to come up with more ideas, so that they participate with enthusiasm.
3. Make the Team Building Activity Outbound:
Team Building Activities if conducted Outbound or Off site make it more memorable. The Teams associate themselves with memories of doing the activities long after the activity is done. Outbound activities help employees to explore and discover a whole lot of new things to work in harmony.
4. Use a Mix of Excitement and Entertainment
Make the Team Building Event energetic right from the beginning. Build the activities in such a way that each and every employee contributes towards the game. Ice Breakers are always important while starting the session and also after lunch to get the team back to the game. Be sure your range of activities are well-sequenced throughout the day.
5. Allow Enough Time understand what is happening
Allow enough time between each activity to understand and discuss the outcome of the session rather than doing one activity after the other and no time to sit and talk about the events. The Ultimate aim for doing such a Team Building Event is to understand the team
and its members and their reactions to different situations, so that the culture is built and they work in harmony
6. Focus on Interpersonal relations
The aim of the activity is to understand the relations between the teams and what actions are required and what are not. The participants should learn by the end of the activity about what inspires, encourages, supports the other team and what withholds/does not go well with the other team. Towards the end of the program, participants can make a list of commitments to each team, thereby working towards organization’s goal.
7.Let it be a Cross Functional
Make the Team Building event a Cross Functional event. It will always be more interesting, when all the departments you work with participate in the same event. This helps clear the misconceptions and apprehensions the team members have. By the end of the event, the team members get to know each other. Cross functional teams building events show us a new perspective and add value to the program.
8. Use Photographs and Videos to create an Impact:
Make the Team Building Event more engaging and memorable by taking photographs and recording videos. Make it available on the company’s website and on the Company’s bulletin boards, at cafeteria’s etc. This gives a personal touch to the employees and they feel like engaging more and more with the company’s goals. Show this at company meeting, social gathering, dinners etc.
9. Get to the point:
By the end of the event, the team should know what each of them think about the others. This way they understand the problems among themselves and start finding and working towards solutions. Let them tell each other about their commitment to each other and to the job. The ultimate aim of the Team Building Event is to build a team without any misconceptions about each other. So let that be clear.
10. Reward:
Planning and designing a Team building Event is a major task. Be sure to give recognition to those who did the work “behind the scenes”. Also encourage the participants who have proactively participated and made the event a success.

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  1. This works best for a more extroverted group, so if your team isn’t into strutting their stuff on stage, consider an idea on this list that caters more toward their personalities. An adrenaline-pumping event like kart racing is a great way to get employees to interact with one another in a totally new and fun way.


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